The Journey Forward

This quote by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. embodies the strength, spirit, and commitment required from our clients to accomplish meaningful changes in their lives and overcome the obstacles and barriers that limit them in poverty, underemployment, and financial stress.

What we do

Family Centered Coaching is a powerful approach that helps families and individuals address a multitude of challenges. From financial capability coaching, re-employment, mental health, and trauma services, The Journey Forward offers the support families and individuals need to recover, prosper and thrive.

The Power Behind Family Centered Coaching 

Our Family-Centered Coaching program recognizes that long-term poverty, lack of employment, and underemployment put a severe strain on the entire family. This strain goes well beyond financial uncertainties. Family Centered Coaching supports the whole family and acknowledges the family as the experts in their own lives. We work in partnership with families to determine family goals related to finances, parenting, education, trauma & wellness, and employment. Addressing all these concerns is a formula for empowerment and success. Family Centered Coaching provides families the tools to access supports and works as the family’s partner in their journey to success and financial independence. 

This holistic approach is more attuned with how families operate day-to-day, considering the challenges of work, finances, health, housing, and child-related issues when considering family goals and plans for success. Families do not look at their lives in a one-dimensional way, nor should they approach overcoming obstacles and reaching their dreams in a one-dimensional way.

The Advantage of Family Centered Coaching

Families are faced with a variety of challenges that make it difficult to thrive and overcome the many obstacles low-to-moderate income families face. Families and individuals have many concurrent needs. Seeking out services from various sources places an unnecessary burden, often derailing the opportunity for success. Family Centered Coaching brings together services to take the burden of coordination off families. They focus their energy and attention on identifying their needs and strengths, setting goals, and making a plan.

The Strength of Family Centered Coaching

Our experienced team focuses on serving families and connecting them to resources that foster stability, support, and empowerment.  

We provide some services in-house:

  • Financial Capability Education and Coaching
  • Trauma & Wellness Service

We partner with Employment & Employer Services (E&ES), a leader in the field of workforce development and employment. E&ES has a 38-year track record of providing comprehensive employment services throughout Chicagoland. 

Who is Eligible for Family Centered Coaching

Whether you are a family of one or many, we are here to help. At The Journey Forward, the Family Centered Coaching program is a set of strategies, tools, and resources used to assist individuals, families, and households in identifying their needs, achieving their goals, and advancing their emotional, financial, and personal success.